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Kenny Withrow


Popeye’s Services is headed by owner Kenny Withrow, who has worked in paving and asphalt maintenance since his youth, working for his family’s business. Originally from Denver, he graduated from Northern Arizona University with, of all things, a speech pathology degree. Even with all the opportunities he could have pursued, he knew that his heart was in construction, especially paving. That line of work brought him to Anchorage, where he then founded Popeye’s. Kenny has a genuine passion for all things pavement and asphalt, as well as an affinity (obviously) for Popeye, the iconic sailor man.

Honest Answers

We want to give you the best pavement possible. That means being fair and honest. Our customers are often happily surprised at the expert advice we give before the project even begins. What we know, we tell you.

Real Solutions

We’re not only passionate about pavement, we’re rational and reasonable. With us, there’s no need to worry about unrealistic ways to solve realistic problems. Rest assured, we’ll know what to do!

Amazing Results

Our work isn’t just cost effective. It’s guaranteed to please. With Popeye’s Services, expect the highest quality product and expect it to be done right.
First time customer with this company because of a friend’s referral. Popeye’s prices are going to be significantly more affordable than any other companies in the local area. Furthermore, the company made some common sense adjustments to my schedule and weather to make it happen as quickly as possible. The customer service was second to none because the owner and his wife communicated through both email, voice, and text messages where I was updated on the status at all times. In addition, this company is very military friendly with reasonable discounts and also gave me additional discounts for the weather delays. I would DEFINITELY recommend this company to any residential property owners that need to get their driveways fixed soon. It was “stress-free” and painless through the whole process.
John K.