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Popeye’s projects range from residential to commercial.

Our paving services include asphalt maintenance, seal coating, patching potholes, Complete rip out & re-dos, brand new driveways, snow plowing & removal, and more! Our work is of the highest quality and we provide knowledgeable, reliable and friendly service to our valued customers!


We love our line of work. Our projects are truly the reason we get up in the morning day in and day out. It’s not every day that your asphalt worker will boast such a thing, but it’s the honest truth and we’re proud to say so. And because we love what we do, that makes us reliable.


We know our stuff. Popeye’s has been in the paving business for over 20 years, but we are led by people with an even larger number of years in experience. You can trust our answers to your problems.


We don’t cut corners and we don’t pass the buck on to you. That’s because our customers are treated like family. Let us take a look at your pavement issues and give you an honest, fair answer and upbeat service led by great people!

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